Knife Sharpening Programs And Independent Sharpening Sessions

Fancy cutlery skills exemplify that you care about presentation just as much as taste. When a dull knife is used to cut food, imperfections that raw and cooked food products endure may either prompt you to toss out ingredients and start over or serve food that is subpar to your customers' expectations. Use a sharpening service to maintain the condition of your cutlery tools.

A Sharpening Program

Some knife manufacturers offer a 'sharpening for life' program. This type of program requires that a knife set is purchased from a manufacturer and sent back to them for service on a recurring basis. With this type of program, you are making an initial investment, but aren't taking a risk associated with using cutlery that doesn't slice well.

Upon purchasing a quality set of knives, you will be directed to the manner in which the sharpening process will be conducted. There may be a limit as to how often you can have your knives serviced. There may be restrictions concerning what types of knives qualify for the sharpening program.

Fine-tip blades may be serviced, but ones with serrated edges or another unique edge style may not qualify for the service. Shipping costs that are associated with sending a set of knives to a business or having them sent back to you will be dependent upon the knife manufacturer who offers the sharpening program. 

Independent Service Providers

Some sharpening services that don't require an initial investment are offered by independent businesses or individuals. Each place of business that offers sharpening may provide a mail-in or mobile service.

If you choose to send your knives to an independent place of business, you may be responsible for postage, labor costs, replacement materials, and other miscellaneous charges. An independent place of business that provides knife sharpening may charge fees that are dependent upon the actual knife type and size that needs to be serviced.

Mail-In Considerations

If a mobile service provider is hired to sharpen a set of knives, you will only need to ensure that the knives are placed in a holder prior to having them picked up by the individual who will be sharpening them. If you use a mail-in service provider, you will need to use cushioning to protect the knives while they are in transit. Additionally, you should use a sheath to cover each blade, prior to packing all of the cutlery inside of a cushioned envelope or a box.

For more information about mail-in cutlery knife sharpening, contact a local provider.