4 Reasons You Should Utilize A Pre-Op Drink Before Your Surgery

Modern medicine can do amazing things, and few things are as amazing as surgery. Doctors can heal many ailments through the right surgical treatment, but such an invasive procedure can take a toll on your body. Fortunately, a good pre-op beverage can help. Here are four reasons you should take advantage of a pre-op drink before your surgical procedure.

1. It can help your body heal.

Once your surgeons are finished operating, it is up to your body to do the rest of the healing. Healing incisions is a very labor-intensive process, and your body requires adequate nutrition to perform. A pre-op beverage supplies carbohydrates, which your body can use as fuel. This will encourage the healing process, which means your recovery may be faster and easier.

2. It will not interfere with the procedure.

Doctors typically tell patients to avoid eating solid food because it might cause the patient to aspirate while they are anesthetized. Patients are also instructed to avoid drinking dark-colored beverages or gelatin because the dye can invalidate certain tests. Pre-op beverages are clear, so they don't have any dyes that will affect your doctor's ability to adequately diagnose and treat you during surgery.

3. It can make you more comfortable.

Often, patients are instructed to avoid food and beverages on the day of their surgery. This might be okay if your surgery is scheduled for the morning, but the lack of food and beverage can become uncomfortable as the day wears on. The ability to satiate your hunger and thirst with a doctor-approved pre-op beverage can make the day of your treatment much more pleasant.

4. It can prevent unwanted weight loss.

There are some patients for whom weight loss is contraindicated. If you are underweight and your doctor has instructed you to maintain or even gain weight, fasting will not be beneficial to your health. A pre-op drink offers a safe alternative to fasting. It will allow you to intake necessary calories without compromising your surgery. Ask your doctor what quantity of pre-op beverage they feel you should drink before your procedure.

If you are interested in reaping the benefits of a nutritious pre-op beverage, talk with your doctor before your surgery. Let them know your plans, and give them the nutritional information about your pre-op beverage. Then your doctor can help you make an informed decision to ensure a safe and positive outcome.