Themed Party Catering Ideas

If you can't decide what type of food to serve at an upcoming party, it may help to narrow down your choices by deciding on a menu theme. You can either use the celebration decor theme as menu inspiration or create an entirely new one. After you've chosen the type of cuisine you'd like to serve your guests, the next step is to hire a catering company that shares your vision and create the party menu of your dreams. Read More 

Spice Up Your Next Restaurant Experience: Three Fun Places To Try

If you're getting a bit tired of the same restaurants every week and you are looking for some new ideas for places to go eat, then this list is going to be extremely helpful. It will give you three ideas that are fun and will help spice up your dining experience. They range from the literally spicy to the ones that are simply unique and will be a nice change from your regular dining experience. Read More 

Ways That A Catering Company Can Use Portable Commercial Refrigerators

If you operate a catering service, you always need to be mindful of ways that you can better serve your customers. There are obviously many ways to accomplish this goal, and many begin with the caliber of your staff members. However, you should also consider what equipment can be beneficial. Catering companies are in the habit of taking lots of equipment to the sites in which they work, but another piece of equipment to consider is a portable commercial refrigerator. Read More 

4 Reasons To Hire A Catering Service For Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is a lot of work, and there is a lot involved. One big choice you will need to make is what kind of food you will serve and whether you will hire help or make it yourself. It's really a lot of work to try to make food all on your own, even if you have family helping you out. Instead of stressing out about food, it's an excellent idea to hire catering services for your wedding. Read More 

Dedicated Charcoal Griller? It Might Be Time to Switch to Gas

There are two kinds of grillers: charcoal grillers and gas grillers. What you may not realize is that charcoal grillers are actually gas grillers at heart—they just don't know it yet! Here are some reasons to consider making the switch from a charcoal griller to a gas griller. Gas is not as messy. Cooking on charcoal is fun, but then you are left with the messy ashes. Dumping them out can leave you with ashes all over the front of you and all over your hands. Read More