Spice Up Your Next Restaurant Experience: Three Fun Places To Try

If you're getting a bit tired of the same restaurants every week and you are looking for some new ideas for places to go eat, then this list is going to be extremely helpful. It will give you three ideas that are fun and will help spice up your dining experience. They range from the literally spicy to the ones that are simply unique and will be a nice change from your regular dining experience. These suggestions are also good because they cater to a variety of different diets (vegetarians, as well as meat eaters, will find something to enjoy).

Spicy Indian Food

If you're looking for exotic and spicy food, then Indian food is perfect. You will have the chance to experience a variety of dishes that combine exotic spices (turmeric, garam masala, fenugreek). Not only that, but Indian food is both affordable and flexible with a variety of different diets. If you are someone who happens to be a vegetarian, then you will have a lot of options. Indian cuisine is rich with non-animal based dishes such as lentils, vegetable curries, and other dishes. It's also a very affordable dinner option, so if you're not looking to spend a ton of money on dinner, then a good Indian restaurant would be a good choice.

A Modern Southern Food Restaurant

If you're looking for some classic American food, then you should check out something like a modern Southern restaurant. These restaurants focus on the cuisine of the South (think famous BBQ cooking coming out of places like Nashville). You can find everything from ribs and gumbo to grits and mac and cheese. The cool thing about a modern restaurant is that they will be able to give you a new spin on the classic recipes and prepare them in a more healthy way. So, if you really love the idea of Southern food but are a bit hesitant about all of the grease and fat, then you will have a lot of options. 

A Vegan Cafe

One of the most unique places to consider going for dinner is a vegan cafe. These places are perfect if you're looking to get healthy but still want flavor and do not want to settle on eating salad for dinner. You will find everything from lasagna with cashew cheese to quinoa bowls with nuts and dried fruit. The vegan dishes are perfect because they offer a wide variety of flavorful and healthy food.